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Tuck Davis - Trailer

1:54 min   |   Language   |  Producer  Director 

stand-up comic Josh Accardo, Tuck Davis tells the story of a young hitman making his way through the ranks of New York City's criminal underworld. Addicted to online dating, Tuck finds a way to keep his cold blooded occupation secret from all of his sexual conquests, until he meets Pearl, a beautiful cosmetics company owner, played by Christina Calph (Arthur 2011 with Russell Brand, Tower Heist with Ben Stiller). Little does Tuck know that Pearl keeps a secret of her own. Pearl is an underground Madame and runs a small brothel out of her Queens apartment. When Clarry, the neighborhood boss played by Dante Nero (Fighting with Channing Tatum, Goat with Ice-T), comes to find out about a local woman running a competing business out of her apartment, he calls upon Tuck to rectify the situation. Tuck is unknowingly faced with the difficult decision of earning a pay day, or choosing love and all its consequences.

TUCK DAVIS trailer (censored)
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